Frying Wagon review: 2.5/5

We live in Bengaluru, and the only day of the week I don’t work is Thursday. So as is wont of people on their day off, we tend to indulge our taste buds on this specific day. Not that we don’t on the other days, but on this day, it’s a must.

Yesterday (June 4) happened to be a Thursday, and as can be seen here, the wife took a day off of cooking, as I took to the kitchen.

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A noodles-y lunch

My first tryst with noodles was… ah, forget it! Why? Because I, too have forgotten.

Honestly, noodles, especially the instant variety, are such a staple in the middle-class Indian household these days that one hardly remembers their first encounter with them. However, they are eaten mostly as afternoon or evening food, or sometimes even breakfast.

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