Coldsmith Review: This is indeed a sweet treat! [4.5/5]

Bengaluru’s eateries are branching out in various directions — from finger food to the main course and right up to dessert. That is the niche Coldsmith is targeting, and the job it is doing is not bad at all!

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The samples

Invited to a tasting at the Elements Mall outlet of Coldsmith, I arrived a little late, thereby missing out on some really yum desserts. And what I did manage to taste genuinely made me regret the delay!

One of the first desserts I managed to tuck into was the Ferrero Rocher Surprise. While the finished product looks nothing like the rocky balls that we have come to associated with the name, it tastes just like the real thing, except in ice-cream form!

Ferrero Rocher Surprise

Next up, some Snicker Licker. Yes, good-old Snickers in ice-cream form, and yes, they do make you want to lick the spoon clean. In fact, I think it would be sacrilege if you didn’t lick that last bit of goodness off the spoon!

Snicker Licker

Third, you have the Blueberry Roll. This may look like strawberry, but trust me, it isn’t. Instead, you have a cold dessert that is made from something that many consider a superfood.

Blueberry Roll

And finally, what I think was the piece de resistance: the Paan Ice Cream.

Paan Ice Cream

Tuck into this, and you could be forgiven if you think you are eating a frozen paan — the Indian-style betel leaf served with condiments at the end of a meal to aid digestion.

That was all I could take before my sweet tooth almost fell out, so let’s move onto my overall impression of Coldsmith.

Final thoughts about Coldsmith

As a standalone dessert place, Coldsmith definitely scores with the variety it has on offer. However, where it scores even higher is the quality of the ice creams: Each flavour has a strong — but not overpowering — presence.

This was true especially for the Paan Ice Cream, which tasted every bit like the real thing! I know quite a few people who love paan but have to restrict their intake of it. This ice cream should be ideal for them!

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Arkadev Ghoshal


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