Copper Chimney review: This Yelahanka restaurant is bang for every buck! [5/5]

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Mutton Biryani @ Copper Chimney

A city like Bengaluru does not have a dearth of biryani and Mughlai-cuisine eateries, but it takes something special for restaurants like Copper Chimney to stand apart.

Copper Chimney has branches elsewhere in the city as well, but the one nearest to me was in Yelahanka. However, I don’t regret the 20-km to-and-from drive in peak evening traffic to get my food from there.

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The starters

I ordered the Biryani Meal – Mutton and half a Tandoori Chicken. The entire thing was consumed over three nights, simply because the quantity was heavy!

I ate the Tandoori Chicken last, and it left a fittingly lasting impression. Falling off the bone at the slightest touch, it had flavours that complemented the umami well enough to make me forget the pangs of a tough day at work.

Tandoori Chicken @ Copper Chimney
Tandoori Chicken @ Copper Chimney

The food

The Mutton Biryani Meal came in a box that was significantly thicker than any pizza box I have seen!

Mutton Biryani Meal Box @ Copper Chimney
Mutton Biryani Meal Box @ Copper Chimney

It held within it several parts of the meal, from the mutton biryani itself to a thick raita.

Mutton Biryani Meal @ Copper Chimney
Mutton Biryani Meal @ Copper Chimney

Order this, take off the lids, and let the aroma of spiced meat and flavoured rice wash over you. It will have two effects: You will feel your hunger pangs double, and there is a good chance that you will drool!

Mutton Biryani Meal @ Copper Chimney
Mutton Biryani Meal @ Copper Chimney

Start off with the biryani and the raita. Dig into the mounds of flavourful rice that conceals meat that is succulent enough to be mashed between the tongue and the roof of the mouth!

Mutton Biryani @ Copper Chimney
Mutton Biryani @ Copper Chimney

The raita serves to cool off the heat and cleanse the palate, so the next mouthful helps you feel the aromatic spices anew!

I finished off the small gulab jamuns the same day as the biryani, while the kebabs were reserved for the next day.

Green, moist and with temptingly charred ends, the kebabs went down like the perfect accompaniment for chilled beer on a hot evening!

Final thoughts about Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney in Yelahanka is a rooftop restaurant that deserves visiting for sundowners or end-of-the-day relaxation meals.

The food will more than make up for the travails of a weary day, and may also give you some extra energy to face the next day with fresh vigour!

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(Code of Ethics: I was paid back the amount that I spent on the food.)



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