Godrej Food Trends 2018 prediction may be missing one important new drift: Weird food!


Godrej Food Trends 2018, the annual survey on what changes one can expect every year in the F&B industry, is here. And its panel of experts has pointed to some interesting trends when it comes to global restaurants!

Take a look at what the survey – conducted on a highly-knowledgeable panel of experts has to say:

“Every year, a few food trends emerge around ingredients, cuisines, or dishes at the global level. They also sometimes make an impact on the local food industry. Our expert panel was asked to identify their top three global food trends for 2018. A large majority felt that hyper-local sourcing of local, seasonal, and foraged foods (78 percent) will continue to be a driving force on menus across the world. A substantial number expect that this will also translate into greater demand for transparency and accountability (40 percent) from food businesses in the form of information about the sourcing and origins, distance foods travel, processing it has undergone, and to verify this they will want appropriate natural and ethical claims (38 percent) on labels.”

However, these experts may have missed out on a very important trend that seems to be emerging all across the world. People across the globe seem to be developing a taste for weird or unconventional food, and restaurants seem only too happy to serve some up for them!

A slew of weird foods

Variety in food has always been something patrons ask for. If you can deliver on both the quality and quantity fronts, you may have customers for a lifetime, and also some great word-of-mouth publicity!

Some restaurants across the world are taking that “variety” quotient to a whole new level these days. For example, an Australian restaurant is currently serving its patrons some brilliant blue pasta! See for yourself:

Blue Pasta
Blue Spirulina Tagliatelle, served at Mark And Vinny’s Spaghetti & Spritz in Australia. Picture credit: Instagram/Mark And Vinny’s Spaghetti & Spritz

The restaurant also happens to serve some red and black pasta. Definitely a treat for the eyes as well as for the palate, as far as we can gather from the reviews and social media reaction.

Then there’s the US restaurant that serves a Tarantula Burger as a challenge for its patrons! Chow it down, and you get a T-shirt to commemorate your achievement.

Tarantula Burger
In picture: Tarantula Burger. Picture credit: Instagram/Bull City Burger & Brewery official handle

Novelty desserts are also a thing now. For example, a New York restaurant serves pizza-flavoured ice cream! To be honest, though, the flavour is actually pizza crust, and not the pizza itself.

Meanwhile, an Irish dessert parlour has managed to create a ketchup-flavoured ice cream in honour of global singing sensation Ed Sheeran!

ketchup-flavoured ice cream
Ketchup-flavoured ice cream by Gelati. Picture credit: Instagram/Gelati

Another development Godrej Food Trends missed

Weird foods may not be the only development or new wave that the Godrej Food Trends 2018 report seems to have missed.

Automation appears to be a global trend across the world, and we won’t be surprised if it makes its presence felt in the Food and Beverage segment.

In fact, it has already made a mark in the industry: Robot chefs are cooking up some delicious dishes in a Boston-based eatery in the US!

Robot chef
A robot chef in action at Spyce restaurant, Boston. Picture credit: Video screenshot

These seem to be some of the new developments that the world may see at every nook and cranny with an eatery. Here’s hoping that these help develop the industry, instead of dehumanising it or turning it into a solely novelty-based business segment.

Arkadev Ghoshal


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