Restaurant Review: 1441 Pizzeria is an Italian-Indian delight! [4.5/5]

Multinational chains like Dominos, Papa Johns or Pizza Hut may have cornered the pizza market in India, but some homegrown eateries are giving them tough competition. One such restaurant is 1441 Pizzeria, which recently opened doors in Bengaluru. And from the looks of it, it has a lot of potential!

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One of the more unique features of 1441 Pizzeria is its offer of unlimited refills of aerated drinks — whatever is on the public fountain — for around Rs 125. Of course, the drink cannot be shared, and is good for a single visit.

I, however, decided to go down a different path and chose to order the Masala Lemonade, which is Nimbu Paani with extra spices: It cools the body but heats up your tongue!

Masala Lemonade


I started off with a Cheese Burst Calzone. A crunchy exterior paired with creamy, stringy cheese inside, with the occasional jalapeno, made this a must-order for me! The freshness of the cheese and the jalapenos only solidified that opinion…

Cheese Burst Calzone

One of the other things we were presented with were some Smokey Cheese Balls, served with mayonnaise and fresh salsa. Again, great finger food. And it was at this time I started craving some cold beer, which sadly was not there.

Smokey Cheese Balls

And the last of the starters I tried was Jalapeno Poppers: crispy on the outside, gooey soft on the inside! Try this with the salsa, and you will definitely crave that cold beer even more!

Jalapeno Poppers

Main Course

Not all pizzerias offer the option of letting you choose the toppings for your pizza. That is where 1441 Pizzeria may steal a march. Here is how you do it:

However, there are some problems you might face here, and all of your own doing. Since the pizzas at 1441 Pizzeria are all thing-crust, they cook quickly. So if you decide to simply pile on the toppings, some of them may remain uncooked even if the pizza dough is done!

With that in mind, we decided to try out a couple of pizzas. The first was a Customised Double Cheese Chicken Tikka Chicken Meatball Pizza. Cooked for just the right amount of time, this one was as good as pizza gets!

Customised Double Cheese Chicken Tikka Chicken Meatball Pizza

Next, some Classic Pizza with Paneer Tikka. If you are a vegetarian, splurge on this, and you won’t be disappointed!

Classic Pizza with Paneer Tikka


Of course, sometimes just pizza is not enough: We need dessert! And 1441 Pizzeria does not disappoint even on this count.

Start off with Nutella Pizza, and eat it while its hot! This is one serving that is bound to bring out your inner Katrina Kaif, as you scramble to lick up every stray droplet of warm, liquid Nutella that would try to escape your mouth!

Is that a little too sweet for you? Why not try the Nutella Dough Balls, which are as delicious, but not as much of a sweet invasion?

Final thoughts about 1441 Pizzeria

Bengaluru is a struggler’s paradise when it comes to the hospitality industry: You have to keep your game top notch to survive!

That being said, 1441 Pizzeria seems to have started on the higher of those notches. It needs to keep its game like that in order to survive. If it does, it may actually thrive in a city that is seeing a surfeit of mediocre, overpriced eateries.

If you have anything to say about to review, or just want to reach out, right this way, please! We promise to reply in a jiffy.

Arkadev Ghoshal


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