Restaurant Review: Brew & Barbeque is more than a delightful sports bar! [4/5]

With a burgeoning IT sector, Bengaluru has seen the mushrooming of several sports bars all across its geography. Few, however, offer something more than the generic sports bar experience. Brew & Barbeque manages to fall in that small category, as it serves up not just some good in-house beer but also food and ambience that is inviting for the whole family!

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Brew And Barbeque has well-demarcated sections. One is for quiet family dining.

Another is for that date night for someone who likes music.

A third is the smoking area that doubles as the sports bar, with TVs tuned to sports channels throughout the day.

Choose your seating area, lean back and enjoy the food and drinks that a courteous fleet of servers bring you.

In-house beer

Brew And Barbeque has an in-house brewery, and those of us visiting on this specific day were told the brew-master – a German citizen – likes to choose seasonal fruits to make the watering hole’s signature beers.

On this day, however, the seasonal beers had run out, and we had a different selection in front of us.

Below, from left to right, are After Dark, Triumph’s Pale Ale, Bellandur Blonde Ale, Farmhouse Ale and Weizenbier.

Depending on their content, these were mostly delicious, with some – like After Dark – possibly a tad too bitter for more delicate palates.


The first starters to arrive on our table were some Rice Paper Rolls – with fillings of Tofu for one and Chicken for another. We could taste the freshness on this one, thanks to the crunch of the vegetables and the sharpness of the flavours.

Next up was some Golconda Chicken. Strong, flavourful, hearty and robust, this goes down well when paired with an equally hearty but not-too-bitter beer.

Then, some Bharwa Aaloo: potato shells stuffed with assorted condiments, from which the raisins seemed to stand out.

Up next was something that turned out to be a hot favourite, something we ordered multiple plates of: Jalapeno Cheese Cutlets.

The soft, creamy cheese complemented the sharp, tangy jalapenos so well that these cutlets tasted like a bit of savoury heaven with every bite. And the accompanying beer only added to that taste!

Soon, there was some Chakori Murg Tikka on the table. Nothing too mind-blowing, but these can be easy snacks if you are watching a game and sipping some refreshing brew!

Up next were some Fish Fingers. Tasted heavenly with some of the dips that were served! Again, good finger food when you are watching a match or just chilling with friends.

Then, for those who want the American experience when it comes to watching a game, there were some Buffalo Wings. Nicely seasoned, with just the right amount of BBQ sauce – not too soggy, but not too bland either!

That American experience had another addition: some Onion Rings. Slightly dry, but crunchy enough to pair well with some mayonnaise or Cajun sauce and cold beer.

Main Course

All those starters were already starting to make us feel full. However, we were troopers, and ordered some of the main course as well.

The group divided among itself two lasagnas: one vegetarian and another non-vegetarian.

It was around this time that some prawn dishes were also brought out. Here’s the delicately-flavoured Butter Garlic Prawn, which is best had after the bitterness from that IPA swig starts to wear off.

However, if you want your prawns on the spicier side, try the Tandoori Bareilly Jhinga. Again, the heat should complement some cold ale quite well.


Quite full by this point, we decided to top off a nice Sunday lunch with two desserts. First up was Kheer and Gulab Jamun served in a cocktail glass. The cold kheer complemented the warm, soft and syrupy gulab jamuns well!

Then, some choco-lava cake, a la Brew & Barbeque. Two of these plates were all but licked clean within a minute!

Final thoughts on Brew & Barbeque

If you ever feel the need to unwind after a long week, and are a sports fan, head to the smoking section of the Brew & Barbeque. Otherwise, sit indoors with your family or friends and chill for a lazy lunch or an intimate dinner.

Meanwhile, do indeed try out the wide selection of in-house beer if you are feeling a little adventurous, or stick to the regulars if you want something comforting.

Sure, Brew & Barbeque isn’t your everyday regular eatery, but the experience is definitely nice!

Arkadev Ghoshal


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