Restaurant Review: Firangi Bake Bannerghatta Road is a fusion bonanza [4.5/5]

Bengaluru has made a name for itself as a melting pot of culture, and that holds true for food as well. Don’t believe me? Give Firangi Bake Bannerghatta Road a try…

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The food

Now, it’s not that I have not covered Firangi Bake before. But that was a different location, and even the food was different!

Here we have some different samples of fusion food that Firangi Bake claims to boast of.

First up, we have some Chicken Kheema Quesadilla.

Chicken Kheema Quesadilla

Spiced, minced succulent chicken stuffed in a soft flatbread can be quite a treat, especially if the flavours are well balanced. This one did have some good flavours.

However, the combination needed to be a little more “popping” for it to make an impression. Nevertheless, this is a good accompaniment to some chilled beer if you are in the mood for it.

Next up, some Tuscany Meatball Lasagne. Made within the container it was delivered in, this was indeed one of the best fusion dishes I have tasted.

Lasagne with bread.

Dig in, and you will find a combination of tastes that range from smooth to tangy and spicy. And the tastes complement each other well!

Finally, there was some Chocolate Fantasy, a cake that was neither too sweet nor too bitter, but just the right kind of moist.

Or at least that’s what my wife told me: Forget tasting it, I didn’t even get to see it!

Final thoughts about Firangi Bake Bannerghatta Road

Firangi Bake as a brand seems to have carved out a niche for itself in the fusion-food segment in Bengaluru. It is still a pity, though, that it and its sister concerns do not offer the dine-in option.

Then there’s the question of the delicate balance between two cuisines that can please palates used to either one or both kinds of food.

Firangi Bake Bannerghatta Road manages to toe that line to quite an extent, but there are times when it skirts close to the trap of very generic tastes. This was the case with the quesadilla.

Otherwise, if your pocket allows, this is a must-order place if you are in the area.

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Arkadev Ghoshal


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