Restaurant Review: Firangi Bake delivers a fusion of sumptuous indulgence!

The Food and Beverage industry is one area across the world that has possibly seen the most amount of experimentation in the form of fusion. And as with fusion music, fusion food works when two distinct ingredients are melded well to form a third kind of rhythm, symphony or what-have-you.

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Firangi Bake gets this right from the word go. The good people there sent us a couple of items to sample, and in the process may just have created a steady stream of customers. This is not the free food speaking. This is the quality of the food on offer.

And honestly, after having eaten what they served in packs, I want to sit down at the restaurant and have the same thing served in front of me! Sadly, these are delivery-only restaurants…

Tandoori Kukkad Rice Pot

First off is the Tandoori Kukkad Rice Pot, kukkad being the North Indian – or is it Punjabi? – word for chicken. We were not delivered a pot. Instead, there was a package, with the flavours of the rice and the tandoori chicken sealed in by a layer of cheese!

Now, flavours being sealed into rice dishes with some covering is an old phenomenon in North Indian cooking. However, bringing the same flavours within the packaging is definitely a challenge – one that the people doing the cooking and baking at Firangi Bake seem to have near-perfected!

How else do you manage to impart a woody-smoky flavour in chicken that is surrounded by rice and sealed in cheese? This is one dish I would love to be brought to me piping hot on a plate.

Mince Chicken Lasagne

This one turned out to be a surprise package. Yes, all the ingredients of a good lasagne were there, including some extra cheese that was oh-so-creamy, but what had us hankering for more was the minced chicken.

It was so nicely spiced and prepared that it seemed to add a whole new dimension to the lasagne! And the spices and a slight acidity managed to balanced the overall creaminess quite well!

Honestly, I and my wife sat down expecting quite a bit from this lasagne, and got a whole lot more than what we had hoped for!

Conclusions on Firangi Bake

You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy what Firangi Bake has to offer. But it is an added advantage if you do.

This is the kind of food you want to sit down to for a Sunday brunch. It does not matter if the food grows cold as you immerse yourself in discussions and reminiscences that last for hours. The food is just another friend at the table, keeping your mouth busy when it is tired of talking.

Of course, the bill is slightly on the heftier side, but think of a Firangi Bake meal as an indulgence, and a sumptuous one at that!

Arkadev Ghoshal


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