Restaurant Review: Kalmane Koffees is a nice after-movie snacking place [3.5/5]

Upmarket eateries have over the years seen an uptick in urban centres, including Bengaluru. Cafe Coffee Day may have started the trend, but it is seeing stiff competition from the likes of Kalmane Koffees, a chain that has several outlets in Bengaluru.

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The outlet I visited was at Mantri Mall. At first sight, it seemed tucked away in a small corner on the ground floor, just in front of the Spar supermarket. The couple of hours I spent there showed me the exact kind of clientele the eatery was serving: Everyone!


Kalmane Koffees seems to have married old-world charm with modern sensibilities. I witnessed couples as well as whole families settling down for a chat on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and they were all equally at ease.

These guys started off as coffee exporters, and have entered the coffee-shop business only in recent times. And given the atmosphere and the business we saw happen at the counters, we can easily say these guys were doing well.

Food and drinks

Now, Kalmane Koffees offers a wide range of food choices if you want something to keep your mouth busy other than talking to your date.

And if you are not a fan of coffee, how about ordering some cold-pressed juices? This is an especially good choice if you are going the health-conscious way.

Sip or slurp

Besides the cold-pressed juices, Kalmane Koffees also offers a wide selection of hot and cold coffee, tea and milk-based drinks.

In the mood for something sweet and thick? Try the Strawberrylicious!

Want something even more refreshing but not as heavy? How about some iced tea, made with the flavour of your choice?

If you want to stick to the originals, there’s a huge range of coffees you may order from. The coffees can be prepared in a variety of ways. Check the menu well before you order.

Nibble or nosh

Kalmane Koffees also offers a generous selection of food. We suggest the mini-samosas…

or the cheese-corn bites.

Final thoughts about Kalmane Koffees, Mantri Square

The good thing about the Kalmane Koffees at Mantri Square is that it seems like a cosy place for a small family outing after movies or on a date.

What may put some off is the price, but similar fare – sometimes of inferior quality – is available at around much the same price point all around.

Give this place a try nevertheless. Who knows? You might find something entirely new here!

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Arkadev Ghoshal


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