Restaurant Review: Republic of Noodles is a true hidden gem [5/5]

Restaurants that are part of hotels are not too often places where you would like to go just forthe food. However, during my stay in Bengaluru, I have come across some notable exceptions. There was Rice Bowl, which was a great eatery. More recently, I had the opportunity to visit Republic of Noodles, which cemented its status in my mind as a hidden gem.

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Starting off

The first thing on the table on this day was a Thai Ding Dong, a drink that both quenched my thirst and tingled my tongue. It almost seemed to activate some taste buds inpreparation for what was to come.

Thai Ding Dong

Onto the solid food. I was told this is called an Amuse Bouche, but I may have misheard. Then again, there’s no denying the crunchy freshness of this appetiser!

Amuse Bouche

Next up, some Vietnamese Corn and Spice Soup: thick, flavourful and nourishing. Order this on a cold day, and you can sit sipping it, all wrapped up. And each sip is a little more comforting.

Vietnamese Spinach and Corn Soup

If the soup wasn’t enough, try the Pork Dim Sum. Or any of the other dim sums, for that matter. You won’t need a full meal for several hours. I also happened to taste the Spinach and Mushroom Dim Sums, and once again could not find a reason to complain.

Dim Sums

Main Course

 Readers of thisblog will know that I am usually full by the time the main course rolls around. However, I was prepared this time, and it served me well.

Here were some Pork Ribs, cooked slowly till the meat was on the verge of falling off from the bone. Served with a peach sauce. Put one succulent piece in your mouth, and your eyes will automatically close and your body relax as you lay back to savour the gradual release of taste, flavours and texture.

Pork Ribs

Up next, some Sea Basa with Glass Noodles. The soft, succulent and subtly-flavoured Basa was complemented well by the noodles.

Sea Basa with Glass Noodles

While these are gone in two bites, here’s something that will take more than just a couple of gulps to consume: Malaysian Ribbon Noodles. These are also a healthy option because theyare made of wheat, and are made healthier by the sprouts they are topped with:See the white root-like things on top?

Malayasian Ribbon Noodles

Accompanying the noodles was a dish called Vietnamese Tofu and Spinach. Never believed tofu could be so soft! True, tofu is not a good absorber of flavour, but treat it as only a source of protein, and the entire dish is as good as anything vegetarian you will get!

Vietnamese Tofu and Spinach

Next among the side dishes is Pot Roast Lamb with Green Pepper and Beans. Cut off a piece, wrap your mouth around the meat, and feel the descent to contentment!

Pot Roast Lamb with Green Pepper

With me just about to wind up dinner, you didn’t assume there was no chicken dish, did you? Here’s some Nyona Style Chicken Curry, which is as much a treat for the taste budsas the eyes!

Nyona Style Chicken Curry

And accompanying everything was some fragrant Jasmine Rice, served in an actual bamboo container.

Jasmine Rice


Yes, I was a little too full by this point, and almost cancelled dessert. Only later did I realise that it would have been a huge mistake.

This Tempura Fried Ice Cream is a definite treat! Get it for the children, and watch them tuck into it with gusto. Heck, even the adults can join in!

Get past the crunchy, hard shell, and you will be rewarded with some mouth-wateringly creamy vanilla ice cream.

Tempura Fried Ice Cream

Final thoughts about Republic of Noodles

If you are looking to celebrate with your family or have a cosy dinner with friends, andthe consensus is Asian cuisine, Republic of Noodles at Lemontree Premier is your destination!

Can’t decide which food will suit your palate?Ask the chef! He is indeed a whiz with what he serves, and will put you at easewith every dish he presents in front of you!

If you have anything to say about to review, or just want to reach out, right this way, please! We promise to reply in a jiffy.

Arkadev Ghoshal


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