Restaurant Review: The Good Bowl lives up to its name [4/5]

Getting a piping hot bowl of good food delivered home at the end of the day is one of the topmost trends in Bengaluru right now. It has been fuelled by long hours of office that result in people ending up too tired to cook, and too tired to even go out to eat. The option then is to order in home, and what better than an entire bowl instead of nursing a headache over which rice or noodles to pair with which side dish. That’s the space The Good Bowl is looking to fill, and doing a decent job with it!

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The bowls

The good people at The Good Bowl sent over two bowls for me to try: the Barbeque Chicken Rice Bowl and the Bhuna Chicken Rice Bowl. Sweetening the offer was some delectable choco-lava cake from Sweet Truth.

The delivered food.

The first thing I dug a spoon into was the Barbeque Chicken Rice Bowl. The soft rice was aromatic, and the olives were an interesting touch. If food is your way of unwinding at the end of the day, take it slow with this one.

The chicken is boneless and soft, but unfortunately a little sparse for the Rs 250+ that the bowl costs. Otherwise, there’s little to complain when it comes to taste, texture and flavour!

Barbeque Chicken Rice Bowl

I waited a couple of days before trying the Bhuna Chicken Rice Bowl. Heated up the refrigerated bowl in the microwave, and was surprised to find that the rice and the chicken had not lost much of the flavour!

Mix that thing well, and you will have a wholesome meal on your hands at the end of the day. A little on the drier side, though, but that could be because of the refrigeration.

Bhuna Chicken Rice Bowl

And finally, the choco-lava cake. This was indeed an indulgent treat — one that can quite nicely be described as the cherry on top of a tiring day rounded up by a nice meal from The Good Bowl.

The Good Bowl is a good place to order food from at the end of the day, when you are all too tired to cook or go out and eat.
Choco-lava Cake

Final thoughts about The Good Bowl

Services that deliver entire bowls of balanced meals are mushrooming all across Tier-I cities in India now. The Good Bowl is looking to make a name for itself in that space, and it has the taste and quality of the food speaking for themselves.

However, one section that The Good Bowl may want to look into is the price per bowl, which may be a little cost-prohibitive if someone wants to order on a regular basis. Otherwise, this service has potential!

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Arkadev Ghoshal


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