Restaurant Review: The Rig is a blast! [4/5]

Bengaluru has over the past few decades had a burgeoning youth population, which has in turn led to an increase in demand for everything youngsters want. One such demand isfor more watering holes, and establishments like The Rig on Sarjapur Road are quickly becoming a hot favourite!

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The Rig is agreat draw — at least for now — for quite a few reasons. For one, it is part of Zomato Gold. Secondly, beer is on offer here, and can be cheaper than bottled water at times! And finally, the experimental food and, of course, a phenomenal DJ who can keep even sedentary eaters entertained!

The drinks

The Rig is a microbrewery: It makes its own beer in-house. Thus, it would be near-sacrilege not to have a taste of it. Here’s the selection that’s on offer:

The in-house beer at The Rig

From left, theseare Saison, Hefeweizen, India Pale Ale, Stout and Cider. Try the sampler if youwant a taste of all, or play some sort of roulette and choose one at random if you are feeling adventurous.

I tasted the mall, and settled initially on the Cider, which tasted like most other ciders but was quite smoother than the rest.

A fresh pint of Cider

At a later point during the dinner, I also ordered the bitter Stout beer, which helped complement the later portions of the starters and the entire main course.

The starters

 I reached the venue a little late, which meant that some of the starters had already arrived and had been devoured.

However, therewas still plenty to come, and first to arrive was some Cottage Cheese Soya Chilli Dry.

Cottage Cheese Soya Chilli Dry

It was a pleasant taste, but as is the case with cottage cheese aka paneer, it was a little bland on the inside.

Up next, some Jamaican Jerk Wings. Now, food in the West Indies has heavy Indian and spice influences, so this was easily one of the better snacks around! Simply good finger food,this one.

Jamaican Jerk Wings

Third in line was some Tandoori Malai Broccoli — broccoli cooked Tandoori style and servedwith spiced and seasoned cream. If ever a child hates broccoli, this is the dish to change his or her mind!

Tandoori Malai Broccoli

Then, some Ranch Mac and Cheese Balls came our way: Crunchy on the outside, gooey with melted cheese and soft with the perfectly boiled macaroni on the inside. Keep nibbling at one if you are a weight-watcher. Otherwise, take a generous bite and feel the goodness spread to every corner of your mouth!

Ranch Mac and Cheese Balls

Want some more non-vegetarian fare? Try the Brandy Chicken Tikka. They will light it on fire for you — literally!

Brandy Chicken Tikka

And then there were some Pulled Pork Empanadas: just the perfect thing to satiate that craving for something savoury and crunchy as you down your beer. These are delicately spiced, so try and keep your tongue sensitive for them.

Pulled Pork Empanadas

Up next, a selection of Peri Peri Prawns. Now, to be honest, these weren’t fully cooked. Had the heat of the oven managed to penetrate every corner of the dish, this could easily have been the pièce de résistance.

Peri Peri Prawns

The chef, however, was quick to address his misstep, because within a few more minutes wehad some Butter Garlic Prawns in front of us! Once again, the subtle flavours tingled our taste buds.

Butter Garlic Prawns

The Main Course

As the main course rolled around, we prepared ourselves once again for something different. The music had started to grow loud by now, and the mood was set for the evening.

First out of the kitchen was a Farmhouse Pizza. This thin-crust munchie was an instant hit!

Farmhouse Pizza

Up next, the Palak Paneer Combo. This was Palak Paneer served with Naan, some well-cooked Daal, some rice that resembled Biryani but on the vegetarian side, and some Papad and chopped, spice-marinated onions. If you are a vegetarian, this is a force on its own!

Palak Paneer Combo

Then, the Seafood Combo: Some prawns in what appeared to be a delectable Thai green curry, along with some squid calamari, served with rice and assorted vegetables. The squid was a definite novelty.

Seafood Combo

 The main course ended with a solid Meat Pizza. Order a few of these along with your choice of beer, and you have the evening sorted!

Meat Pizza

The Dessert

Of course, The Rig has a good assortment of desserts, and there were several of them headed our way. I, however, chose to end the day with some Shahi Tukda with Gulab Jamun.

Shahi Tukda with Gulab Jamun

These can hold their own when served individually. However, things go to an entirely new level when you combine to two and use fresh ingredients!

Final thoughts about The Rig

As I have mentioned before, The Rig is definitely one of the fresher hangouts for youngsters. And it can definitely cash in on it if it keeps up its level of food and service delivery.

If it remains consistent, it has the potential to become one of the hottest hangouts of Bengaluru!

If you have anything to say about to review, or just want to reach out, right this way, please! We promise to reply in a jiffy.

Arkadev Ghoshal


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