Restaurant review: Yumlok [****/5] in Bengaluru is a pleasant surprise!

So, Arkadev here, with gratitude to you guys for being so patient. Here’s the review of Yumlok, a pure-vegetarian eatery where I and some other members of Food Bloggers’ Association of Bangalore, or FBAB, were invited to. This was in Brookefield. Full address: 1343 D-Block, AECS Layout, Kundanhalli, Brookefield, Bangalore. And we visited on December 11, 2016. This is the place:

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Imagine a cosy nook of a building, halfway into the basement. Now imagine pure vegetarian food. May sound like a dealbreaker to many. Not with Yumlok, though, for the tastes and flavours make you forget the vegetarian part, and when human company is as good as the food, you end up having a gala time!

Got a problem with the name? As in, why would people want to go to a restaurant named after the Sanskrit word for afterlife? Look closer. It’s a clever pun, with the “yum” being a reference to the “yummy” food they serve. Much like how the “yum” in the name of this blog promises some yummy reviews.

How yummy? Sample these two tangy starters: Veg/potato poppers and potato wedges, covered generously in a mix of tangy and creamy sauces that still make my mouth water, and it’s been more than a month after I visited. I guess now would be a good time to thank my readers and the Yumlok management for their patience.

Equally savoury – a beautiful mix of tang, thanks to the salsa-like sauce, and smoothness, thanks to a creamy mayonnaise-base sauce – was this potato sticks starter. Not hot enough? Ask politely, and a generous dose of fiery heat will be arranged for by the management!

Moving on to snacks, here was some Pav Bhaji that promised drools. The bread was great – braised just right with butter – but the Bhaji was a bit of a letdown. It was smooth and flavourful, but with an overpowering dose of cinnamon. Bhaji is supposed to be robust and hearty, and last I heard, the Yumlok management had heeded this suggestion. By the way, the nachos were an interesting touch.

Dabheli. Do this right, and people from both northern and western India will keep coming back for more. The potato wedges do give a burger-like feel, but the dish checks all the Dabheli boxes as well!

Some Aloo Tikki/ Aloo Chaat, made delectable by a creamy sauce and a tangy tamarind-based sauce.

Aloo Paratha, Mooli or Gobhi Paratha [I forget which] and Sattoo Paratha, served with a healthy dose of seasoned curd and a Sabzi or Daal Makhni. Yum indeed!

In case you are looking for a decent meal, Yumlok does not exactly disappoint. PS: I was the one who finished the Daal Makhni served with the Paratha as well as this Thaali.

And then there was some smooth, thick lassi. Oh, and in case you were wondering how food-blogging happens, here’s a peek.

All-in-all, this is a place vegetarians can get used to, and non-vegetarians can go when they want a break from all that meat, chicken, fish and eggs. The cost is ever-so-slightly on the steeper side, but this is a definite recommend!

Meanwhile, got something to tell us? Like pointing out a mistake or giving us some interesting bit of trivia? Right this way!

Arkadev Ghoshal


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