Skoolroom Review: This is as close to nostalgia you will get! [4.5/5]

Eateries looking to invoke nostalgia seem to be the in-thing now, besides BBQs. Few, however, do it better than Ulsoor-based Skoolroom, which can easily transport you back to school. The only drawback here could be the amount of money you spend.

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The ambience

As a café, Skoolroom has an inviting atmosphere. Adding to the nostalgia are random phrases etched on the walls, and the cutlery being served in pencil-boxes.

Skoolroom Ambience

The drinks

Skoolroom does not serve alcohol. However, the drinks on the menu — especially on the dessert side — more than make up for it.

I started off with a simple Fresh Lime Soda, cooling off after a long day at work. And it did exactly what it was meant to do: refresh me.

Fresh Lime Soda

The second came after the food, and lived up to the name Monster Freak Shake. Finish this one alone, and you end up having a sugar-high. We couldn’t even make a dent in this one, and ended up inviting the café staff to dig in.

Monster Freak Shake

The food

We started off with Crispy Corn with Chilli Basil. The taste was definitely a departure from the crispy corn usually served in Bengaluru, with a tang and a sweetness making a good difference.

Crispy Corn with Chilli Basil

Next up, some Golden Basket Chicken. Imagine some beautifully-marinated minced chicken in the kind of baked cups that are usually reserved for tarts. Again, the sweet tang of the oriental sauces tickled our taste buds.

Golden Basket Chicken

Then, some Skool Captain Prawns. Imagine a South Indian prawn curry, except this one was served in a thick coconut-based sauce instead of a curried gravy. And in a cocktail glass instead of the usual containers. What really got us here was not only the taste of the sauce but how succulent the prawns were.

Skool Captain Prawns

Now, Skoolroom is famous for its burgers. So, we asked them to put their best foot forward, and out came Murgee in a Bun: robustly marinated chicken within two pieces of burger bun, swimming in condiments and dressing that made for some crunchy and slurpy eating!

Murgee in a Bun

And finally, we rounded off with the Tandoori Chicken Burger. Imagine the continental successor of Tandoori chicken laid to rest between two buns and surrounded by sauces that complement the smokiness of the meat. Yum!

Tandoori Chicken Burger

Final thoughts about Skoolroom

The only reason to not go to Skoolroom is if your wallet or purse is on the lighter side. Otherwise, make sure you order the Skool Captain — prawns, chicken or vegetarian — and the burgers for a treat that your mouth will want to go back for every single day.

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Arkadev Ghoshal


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