Tata Cha Monsoon Menu: Comfort food that needs a little more kick [3.5/5]

Tata Cha, the out-of-home beverage arm of the Tata Group, recently launched its Monsoon Menu, aimed at the youth who want a better-than-average experience of drinking tea and snacking. I was fortunate enough to be invited to taste the menu, and came away both a little happy and sad.

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The Monsoon Menu

The new menu has three items on it. Two of them are vegetarian, and the other one is non-vegetarian.

Also, one if them is from the North, one from the West and one from the South of India. And each one is expected to invoke memories of childhood and home.

I managed to have two of them, and was both happy and disappointed with them.

The first one was Chickpea Sundal. This, I was told, is a comfort food from Tamil Nadu. First-hand, I found it indeed a good accompaniment with my tea. However, it seemed a little bland for my taste.

Chickpea Sundal

The Ginger Tea accompanying it, however, was a welcome swig of warmth on a cold evening.

Next up, the Chicken Kheema Pav. This — or a variant of it — is usually a staple in the Irani Cafes that dot Mumbai.

Chicken Kheema Pav

This one might indeed invoke nostalgia, but the subtlety of the spices in the kheema — in this case, minced chicken — might put some off.

Once again, it was the tea — the masala variety this time — that elevated the taste.

The third option was Litti Chokha, a staple from Bihar that promised the earthy taste that accompanies the cuisine from that neck of the woods.

Litti Chokha

I did not taste this, but would definitely like the opportunity to dig into a plate at a later date.

Final thoughts about Tata Cha Monsoon Menu

Tata Cha Monsoon Menu

No menu is ever designed to last forever. That Tata Cha recognised it and introduced the Monsoon Menu could well be an indication that it has greater plans. Plans that may reach beyond Bengaluru.

We hope things work out well for them.

Arkadev Ghoshal


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