Welcome to Yum Central!

What is food?

“Sustenance”, Thor called it in the first of the MCU movies. But food is much more than that.

Nourishment? Pah! That’s just another facet of food. And a more science-y one.

Art? Now that’s more I like it! Food is art. And probably the best kind of art there is! As Amitabh Bachchan’s character, the easily irritable and impeccable chef Buddhadev Gupta says in Cheeni Kum:

“A painting only attracts the eyes. Food titillates the eyes, the nose, the tongue!”

Who or what else can beat a work of art like that?

Yum Central (Previously Nom Central) is a tribute to this form of art by my wife Pooja and I, Arkadev Ghoshal. It is a continued testament of our journey through life, and the food that nourishes it, spices it up, or even provides comfort!

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