What is Yum Central?

It began with a conversation late on a Wednesday night. So late, in fact, that it was already Thursday!

The conversation with colleagues on the way back from work in the office cab made me decide on crossing off one thing I have always wanted to do: write about food.

I am a foodie, and my wife, when she is not chiding me for not trying to slim down, likes to join me on my quest for taste. And I like to indulge her with some of her favourite cookies and savouries from time to time.

Through Yum Central — previously Nom Central — I am chronicling our journey via the lanes of whatever there is to eat, and whatever there is to learn about food.

Broadly speaking, we will either talk about food we cook, or eateries we visit. There will also be promotions from time to time. So keep tuned in by subscribing to our blog!