The people behind Yum Central

We are Pooja and Arkadev Ghoshal.

Both Bengali. Pooja was born and brought up in Kolkata, while Arkadev came from the suburbs.

We got married in December 2013, and have since then built our relationship by finding common ground.

Pooja likes to cook. Arkadev has now taken a liking to cooking.

Arkadev likes food. Pooja has grown up on a diet of eating out with friends.

The tastes we like are different, but we have grown to like each other’s food choices. Also, cooking for each other and our own selves seems to be a great source of affection for both of us.

So here we are, Pooja and Arkadev, discovering new food, new cooking, and serving up our experiences to the world.

Bon appetit, dear reader!

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