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Restaurant Review: Brew & Barbeque is more than a delightful sports bar! [4/5]

With a burgeoning IT sector, Bengaluru has seen the mushrooming of several sports bars all across its geography. Few, however, offer something more than the generic sports bar experience. Brew & Barbeque manages to fall in that small category, as it serves up not just some good in-house beer but also food and ambience that…

By arkadev July 26, 2018 0

Restaurant Review: Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is a roadside experience! [4.5/5]

When the wanderlust bug bites, you gotta hit the road. But when the hunger pangs surface, you gotta grab some bites. In northern India, roadside eateries called Dhabas alleviate those hunger pangs with oily, spicy vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare paired with piping hot naan or phulka. Bengaluru has its own version of this in the…

By arkadev June 24, 2018 0

Rice Bowl restaurant review: Quantity and quality Chinese fare! [4/5]

Restaurants attached to hotels are often not the first choice of people who are looking for a quality eatery for the entire family. Rice Bowl is an exception there, serving up a combination of quality and quantity that may make it that occasional celebration destination where the whole family can land up. Whetting the appetite…

By arkadev April 14, 2018 0