Frying Wagon review: 2.5/5

We live in Bengaluru, and the only day of the week I don’t work is Thursday. So as is wont of people on their day off, we tend to indulge our taste buds on this specific day. Not that we don’t on the other days, but on this day, it’s a must.

Yesterday (June 4) happened to be a Thursday, and as can be seen here, the wife took a day off of cooking, as I took to the kitchen.

However, we had different plans for the evening. Plans that I had made, and she kinda went along with. That’s one of the many reasons I love her.

We live in the RT Nagar Post area of the city, and one day, on my way to office, I came across le wild food truck in front of the park at the junction of Dinnur Main Road and Sultanpalya Main Road.

I decided to review it. But not alone. For over a decade have I stayed and eaten alone. There can be fewer tortures more painful. So with the wife it was! And Thursday it was to be, for we could relax while eating.

The food truck stays at the spot from late afternoon till about 9 pm. But yesterday it began to drizzle by 6-6:30 pm. So, I decided to get the food early. We could heat it up at dinner time.

I arrive at the spot to find the man doing the cooking hard at work. So I decide to peruse the menu.

The truck seems clean, with the lady inside taking the orders. I ask for two plates of chicken fried rice. Meanwhile, the cook has finished an order, and hands it over to two gentlemen standing by. They seem to like their food.

The man then starts to make my order, while clarifying to someone else that the chicken is indeed halal. “100 per cent,” he emphasises.

The order up, I take my packets and rush home in the drizzle. Two-three hours later, wifey dearest heats up the food, and it smells and looks nice.

It tastes strictly ok. The quantity is good. And we could have done with a little side-dish, but it seemed to have escaped my mind. There’s a little extra oil in there, but only a smidge. The overall review is a mere 2 out of 5. The redeeming feature, however, is that this is value for money! Hence the extra half of the rating.

And Dodo did not get any of this either!

Been or eaten here? Tell us how you liked it!

Arkadev Ghoshal


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